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Housing Policy Case Studies

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Arlington Texas

Arlington, TX Unity Council

This case study dives into the Unity Council’s community engagement process, which centers racial equity in its goals to improve quality of life for Arlington residents.
Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership

Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership

The Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership spearheaded the development of a new regional housing plan that aims to triple the amount of affordable housing in the region over the next fifteen years.
oakland community cabins

Combatting unsheltered homelessness in Oakland

To address its homelessness epidemic, the city of Oakland created the Community Cabins Program, an initiative that relies on the thoughtful use of data and participation from the local government, citizens, and private organizations to help combat unsheltered homelessness.

Los Angeles Proposition HHH

LA voters passed Proposition HHH, which enabled City officials to issue $1.2 billion in bonds to develop permanent supportive housing units for people experiencing homelessness.
North Texas Regional Assessment of Fair Housing

North Texas Regional Assessment of Fair Housing

To create a set of coordinated strategies to advance equity throughout the region, 21 North Texas localities and housing authorities conducted a regional Assessment of Fair Housing for the North Texas Region.

Seattle “Grand Bargain”

Seattle’s Grand Bargain achieved national attention in large part due to the breadth of the stakeholder coalition that participated in developing and agreeing to the MHA initiative.
Small Housing in Spokane, WA

Small housing in Spokane, WA

The city of Spokane, WA made to its building and zoning codes to enable the development of small housing in the city, including cottage housing, pocket residential developments, and tiny homes.

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