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Build strong partnerships to support housing initiatives

Developing effective strategies to meet local housing needs is a complex challenge. But localities need not tackle it on their own. 

This page includes resources to help localities engage community members and build partnerships to identify new ideas and enhance outcomes. 

Engaging the community

Localities can benefit from deep and authentic engagement with community members who bring ideas and energy to help develop and implement comprehensive solutions 

Engaging the community in the development of a local housing strategy

Why and how should local officials engage the community in the development of a local housing strategy? Learn about community engagement approaches.

Conducting virtual community engagement

Building productive partnerships

Public housing agencies, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, employers, cities, and counties are just some of the potential collaborators that can help localities achieve their desired housing outcomes. Building coalitions and managing interagency relationships can help all parties to advance shared goals.

Collaborating with PHAs to achieve shared housing goals

Cities and public housing agencies (PHAs) can collaborate on projects related to shared housing goals. This brief outlines some of the opportunities available for partnerships

Facilitating collaboration between cities and counties

In some jurisdictions, city and county governments have distinct responsibilities for addressing housing needs, a relationship that can sometimes be challenging to navigate. Learn how jurisdictions can improve city-county collaboration.

Working with philanthropy in the development of local housing strategies

Partnering with philanthropic organizations can bring immense value to local housing strategies. This brief offers insights on how to effectively engage them.

Engaging nonprofit organizations in local housing programs

Non-profit organizations often provide essential housing-related services. They can also offer valuable insights on a locality’s housing programs. Learn more about working with nonprofits

Engaging employers in local housing strategies

Employers can help communities expand housing availability by supporting affordable housing development and policies, providing input on local housing needs, and exploring employer-assisted housing programs. Learn more about the ways localities can engage employers in their planning.

Engaging partners infographic

This infographic shows the partners often involved in creating a local housing strategy. 

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