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Housing Policy Case Studies

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North Texas Regional Assessment of Fair Housing

Affirmatively furthering fair housing strategies from North Texas; Pittsburgh, PA; and Buffalo, NY

Localities and other jurisdictions that receive Community Development Block Grant or other U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds are obligated to affirmatively further fair housing. This entails taking “meaningful actions to overcome patterns of segregation and foster inclusive communities.” This case study series focuses on a mobility program in Buffalo, NY; a series of place-based strategies and investments in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA; and a regional fair housing planning process conducted by multiple localities in the North Texas region.
Arlington Texas

Arlington, TX Unity Council

This case study dives into the Unity Council’s community engagement process, which centers racial equity in its goals to improve quality of life for Arlington residents.
Man standing in front of a big screen showing data is used to illustrate data visualization as a tool for cities

Data visualization: Transforming local housing data into engaging visual narratives

The text provides an overview of the significance of data visualization in transforming complex housing data into easily comprehensible graphical representations. It emphasizes the increasing adoption of various visualization tools by cities, towns, and counties to present housing data effectively, ranging from simple charts to interactive dashboards. The brief outlines key considerations and best practices for creating impactful housing-related visualizations, supplemented with multiple illustrative examples.

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