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Local Housing Solutions includes a range of resources that can help cities, towns, and counties prevent displacement and help renters and homeowners stay in their homes.


Developing an anti-displacement strategy

Rising rents or property taxes can make it difficult or impossible for families to afford to remain in their homes. This brief provides guidance on how localities can develop an anti-displacement strategy in neighborhoods experiencing rising rents and home prices.

Increasing housing stability for renters and owners

Households that can generally afford their housing costs may be vulnerable to eviction or foreclosure as a result of an unexpected expense or a personal emergency. Causes of instability and displacement beyond high housing costs include household-specific factors like medical crises and job loss, and neighborhood-level factors such as rising housing demand that leads owners of rental properties to sell or repurpose their properties to realize a higher rate of return. This brief describes local housing policies that can help to prevent displacement in these and other scenarios.

Selected local housing policies

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