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4.2 Policy Options

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How Can Localities Understand the Full Array of Local Housing Policy Options?

With so many housing policy choices, it can be hard to know where to start. To help localities better understand their policy options, Local Housing Solutions has developed a policy framework that organizes over 90 policies into four main pillars.

Watch this video on the LHS Policy Framework.

The Policy Framework can help localities develop comprehensive housing strategies that cover the full array of actions needed to effectively address local housing challenges. Smaller localities will likely need at least one policy within each pillar, while larger places will likely need at least one policy that corresponds to each of the subcategories within the four pillars. The framework also references complementary policies that can strengthen the connections between housing and other social values, such as education, health, and environmental sustainability. Explore the four pillars by clicking on each of the pillars below. To learn more about the Policy Framework, including the policy categories, see the Developing a Strategy training.

Four Pillars of a Comprehensive, Balanced Local Housing Strategy​

Click each pillar and complementary policies to learn more.

The Developing a Strategy training explores the Policy Framework in much more depth. To explore the framework on your own, visit the Local Housing Solutions’ Housing Policy Library, where you can access the full list of policy subcategories and view briefs on specific policies. The briefs introduce key components and considerations of each policy and provide links that can help you access more in-depth information.

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