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4. Housing Solutions

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What Can You Do to Advance Housing Solutions in Your Community?

There are many things that localities can do to help expand the availability of affordable homes. In most cases, there’s not a single magic bullet policy response that can solve a community’s housing challenges. Instead, there is a need for a comprehensive, multipronged approach that draws on the capacities of multiple local agencies and mission-driven partners, whether non-profit or for-profit.

A local housing strategy can help localities plan and execute a comprehensive approach tailored to their needs. This module provides a broad overview of Local Housing Solutions’ recommended approach to developing a local housing strategy, covering:

  • What a local housing strategy is, why it’s important, and who should be involved in the process of developing and implementing it.
  • High-level examples of cities successfully implementing local housing strategies.
  • Why racial disparities are important to consider in local housing strategies.
The Developing a Strategy training provides more in-depth guidance on developing a comprehensive and balanced local housing strategy.

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